Young Arts Conservatory

Welcome To Our Young Arts Conservatory

We are dedicated to working with the younger generation and creating an environment in which they will feel fully comfortable and accepted, so that they can express themselves through he beauty of the arts with acting, singing and dancing! We understand that growing up can be tough at times, so we want to give every child the ability to find there spotlight!

With a staff that has over 30 years of combined theater experience, especially working with young actors, we are focused on providing a safe and personalized environment for learning.

Through our Young Arts Conservatory (Ages 6-11) and our Teen Productions (Ages 12-16) we offer multiple opportunities every year for kids to be a star and learn all the new and exciting aspects of theater. We want to expose our kids to all aspects of theater not just one.

  • over 75 hours of instructional rehearsal time
For those participating in the musicals they will get vocal as well as dance/movement training. 
We keep our pricing lower than the other programs around the area and we offer family discounts, payment plans and partial scholarships if requested and approved.
We make the program as instructional as possible so the children learn the skills 
they need to move forward in theater and in life (i.e. working as part of a team. etc)
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Kids Production

RED VS. THE WOLF is a play that re‑tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood,
but from the Wolf’s point of view. The Wolf is upset because he is
known the world over as a bad guy, but he really is kind, sensitive,
thoughtful, and cultural. After refreshing the audience’s memory
regarding the “traditional” rendition of Red Riding Hood, the wolf
tells it like it really happened. He exposes Red, and reveals his plan
with Grandma to teach Red a badly needed lesson. Hopefully, the
audience will see his side of the story, realize there are two sides to
everything, and learn a lesson in humility and understanding.

Registration Will Open After Christmas For Kids Ages 6-11

Teen Production

A group of high school theater students befriends a charming yet sinister new student named Gossip. She immediately makes herself right at home as she secretly manipulates and twists the truth to get what she wants. But as her new friends begin to figure it all out, they turn on her as ruthlessly as she went after them, leading to a surprisingly twisted ending.

Registration Will Open After Christmas For Teens Ages 12-16



All Shows Will Take Place At The Kelsey Theater
700 Park Ave, Lake Park, FL 33403