Upcoming Auditions

Maplewood Playhouse Announces Auditions for The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams
This Show is Non-Equity Paid (Stipend)
Auditions are by appointment and will be scheduled for:
July 27th 2:00 p.m.—4:30 pm
July 28th 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Location: Improv U, 105 NW 5th Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33445
Casting all roles.
Please prepare a one minute dramatic monologue. You may also be asked to do a cold reading from the script. Plan to stay after your appointment time if further reading is necessary.
Call: 561-657-6500 with questions.

Show Dates: October 25th – 27th (limited run)
Long Synopsis:
A theatrical piece of distinct power, with some of Tennessee Williams’ most potent lyricism, The Glass Menagerie is a memory play as told to us by Tom Wingfield, a merchant marine looking back on the Depression years he spent with his overbearing Southern genteel mother, Amanda, and his physically disabled, cripplingly shy sister, Laura. While Amanda strives to give her children a life beyond the decrepit St. Louis tenement they inhabit, she is herself trapped by the memory of her life past– a life of cotillions and suitors and wealth, now long gone. Tom, working at a shoe factory and paying the family’s rent, finds his own escape in drinking and going to the movies, while Laura pours her energy into caring for her delicate glass figurines.. Tom, pressured by his mother to help find Laura a suitable husband, invites an acquaintance from the factory to the apartment, a powerful possibility that pushes Amanda deeper into her obsessions and makes Laura even more vulnerable to shattering, exposed like the glass menagerie she treasures. Williams’ intensely personal and brilliantly tender masterpiece exposes the complexity of our memories, and the ways in which we can never truly escape them.
Short Synopsis:
Amanda Wingfield is a faded remnant of Southern gentility who now lives in a dingy St. Louis apartment with her son, Tom, and her daughter, Laura, who has a physical handicap and debilitating shyness. The father has left home; Tom supports his mother and sister with a shoe-factory job he finds unbearable. When Amanda convinces Tom to bring home from his workplace a “gentleman caller” for Laura, the illusions that Tom, Amanda, and Laura have each created in order to make life bearable collapse about them.
A drama of great tenderness, charm, and beauty, THE GLASS MENAGERIE is an icon of the American theater.
Setting: St. Louis, Missouri 1930s

Character: Tom Wingfield
Gender: Male
Age Range: Young Adult, Adult
Role Size: Lead
Tom Wingfield – Amanda’s son and Laura’s younger brother. An aspiring poet, Tom works at a shoe warehouse to support the family. He is frustrated by the numbing routine of his job and escapes from it through movies, literature, and alcohol.

Character: Amanda Wingfield
Gender: Female
Age Range: Adult, Mature Adult
Role Size: Lead
Amanda Wingfield – Laura and Tom’s mother. A proud, vivacious woman, Amanda clings fervently to memories of a vanished, genteel past. She is simultaneously admirable, charming, pitiable, and laughable.
Character: Laura Wingfield
Gender: Female
Age Range: Young Adult
Role Size: Supporting
Laura Wingfield – Amanda’s daughter and Tom’s older sister. Laura has a bad leg, on which she has to wear a brace, and walks with a limp. Twenty-three years old and painfully shy, she has largely withdrawn from the outside world and devotes herself to old records and her collection of glass figurines

Character: Jim O’Connor (The Gentleman Caller)
Gender: Male
Age Range: Young Adult, Adult
Role Size: Featured
Jim O’Connor – An old acquaintance of Tom and Laura. Jim was a popular athlete in high school and is now a shipping clerk at the shoe warehouse in which Tom works. He is unwaveringly devoted to goals of professional achievement and ideals of personal success.

Please be prepared to do a cold reading from the script (sides will be provided upon request of an audition slot); 1-2 minute monologue encouraged but not required

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